new launches :: SHARPS Barber & Shop and Polite Cards


Look good. Feel good. Smell good. Miomia is thrilled to announce the arrival of SHARPS Barber & Shop. With a bold signature scent, clever packaging and most importantly, effective formulas, your mug (and hair & body) will be in tip-top shape in no time. And with your purchase of 2 SHARPS products, receive a deluxe-sized 1 oz sample tube of Kid Glove Shave Gel or Daily Prep Foaming Scrub. Offer good while supplies last.



I’ve finally gotten back into the proper habit of handwritten greetings. And it’s just impossible to resist the quirkiness and sheer smarts of Polite Cards, an independent publishing company based out of the UK. David Shrigley, one of many talented artists represented by Polite, brilliantly and beautifully captures the darkness and humor, and ups and downs of everyday life in a single greeting card. I’ve never encountered a line of greetings that provokes such a breadth of emotion in the writer/user/recipient. A must see.




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