Brooklyn is beautiful. Naturally.


Miomia has adored Wini Burkeman’s gorgeous, all-natural skincare line since opening in 2005. McBride Beauty’s story is simple and beautiful. Using her mother’s maiden name and her flawless (yet highly sensitive) skin, Wini lovingly created an all-natural essential oil-based skincare line entirely made up of natural ingredients with no sulfites, no parabens, no synthetic color, no synthetic fragrance, and no animal testing (but of course)!

Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear about McBride Beauty’s new look. Click on the following products to read more about McBride Beauty, Brooklyn’s beloved beauty brand.

To beauty, naturally!


2 Responses to Brooklyn is beautiful. Naturally.

  1. Deborah Grossblatt says:

    McBride’s replenishing night cream is to die for. Not only do I massage it into my face and neck but I have been massaging it into the incision on my wrist to help it heal. The results – priceless. The dryness is gone and the redness is reduced to pink. I recently purchased a second jar with its new look which is a bit plainer and wonder if the formulation has changed as well. McBride is launching a new website to tell us more about her products -so I guess we will all find out when it is launched.

  2. Deborah Grossblatt says:

    In my ealier comment about McBride’s replenishing cream said I would let you know about the “revised” formuation and here is the answer from Wini herself:

    You are correct that we have changed the formulas to be paraben free. There is a natural preservative in the cream. With natural products extreme weather conditions do change the texture (ie. Cold weather, hot weather) probably why it is slightly stiffer but it does not effect the product itself. I have changed the packaging to reflect the fact that it is 100% natural. It is also more of a reflection of what Mcbride represents, clean & straightforward. I hope that helps.

    Yes that came about due to the fact that I am doing amenities at a new hotel and I was able to produce product for myself to sell. It is also 100% natural. Thank you so much for supporting Mcbride and have a great weekend.


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