A cure for the wintertime blues.


From France to America, Smiley is the world’s first happy therapy (antidepressant) perfume! Smiley’s exclusive formula is based on natural bio chemistry, combining the monoaminated alkaloids Therobromine and Phenylethylamine, derived from pure cocoa extract.

  • Theobromine: blocks the receivers of adrenalin that create stress
  • Phenylethylamine: has euphoric properties, sets off a feeling of joy and excitement

The happy result from using Smiley Perfume? It makes you feel happy and relaxed, naturally making you smile! Perfect for men and women, Smiley is composed of the following notes:

  • Energizing top note: orange, pimento, bergamot
  • A heart full of delectable pleasures: cocoa, praline, curacao
  • Relaxing base note: patchouli, myrrh, musk

These fragrance notes have been recognized to being a feeling of comfort often associated with positive childhood memories, thus giving people a sense of coziness and joy.

To purchase the Smiley Eau de Parfum spray, click here. To purchase the Smiley Emergency Kit, click here.

Isn’t it about damn time frazzled, stressed out urbanites can indulge in a little (and legal) pick-me-up? So sniff away, and kiss those blues goodbye!



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