Dickson Hairshop + miomia = love love love


Dickson Hairshop is the hippest hair shop in NY. When you enter the doors of this tiny, rock & roll, 2-chair shop, you’re warmly greeted by Orson the pug, a blaring iPod, and a shot of bourbon. And it only gets better from here.

Severin Dickson, the owner, and his partner in crime, Joshua Peter, engage in all sorts of edgy hair artistry, from straight razor shaves to head-turning hair color. Plus, the prices are unbeatable ($55 for a women’s cut, hallelujah).

Along with their ultra-cool shop, Dickson Hairshop launched an exquisite men’s grooming line, infused with their irresistible sexy signature scent of juniper, cedar and white pepper. Great-smelling and date-getting. Hot. Products include the following: Body Bar, Botanical Shampoo, Botanical Conditioner, Eye Repair Gel, Shave Lotion, After Shave Balm, Liquid Hand Soap, and Candle Tin.

In celebration of this new launch (and in support of another kickass shop), we’re offering a 20% discount coupon on a Dickson Hairshop service with the purchase of any DH product.

So make sure you hit up Dickson Hairshop soon (the buzz is growing, and fast) at 137 Allen Street. Or visit their website by clicking here.

To good grooming, always.

P.S. I recently got my hair cut with Josh. And quite frankly, it’s perfect. I didn’t even have the urge to do any drunken at-home “editing” afterwards.


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