Rebel with a cause.

You’ll be blown away by Rebel Ambush from Social Creatures.

All Social Creatures products are handmade in England. Social Creatures’ aim is to engage like-minded souls with products that work on many levels. Each fragrance takes a minimum of 18 months to develop. Initial concepts are created that embody a strong central idea. This idea is then interpreted in words, images, bottle design, packaging and of course the fragrance itself. Social Creatures founder, Russell Newell, blends all Social Creatures fragrances by hand. He then produces each batch in limited quantities (typically 100). Russell sources each ingredient, mixes the concentrate and matures it for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. Social Creatures products use a very high percentage of natural components (typically 95-99%) some of which are high value, and hard to find.

Rebel Ambush is dedicated to the spirit of the Maroons. They were a rebel group comprised of several West African tribes who escaped their captors on arrival in Jamaica. Together they fought for 80 years, finally forcing the British to sign a peace treaty. On the February 24, 1738, the Maroons were granted an independent state within Jamaica, where they live to this day.

Rebel ambush is an earthy reminder that the struggle for freedom can be won against overwhelming odds. It is a masculine fragrance (that is equally as alluring on women) that brings to mind a small rebel army sitting around a campfire. They are talking of the day. The earthy smell of the fresh forest, smoke rising from the campfire, and the intoxicating aroma of night blooms. The scent includes notes of lavender, tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood, champaca, sweet orange and cardamom.

You may purchase Rebel Ambush by Social Creatures by clicking here.

Extremely limited quantities are available. Stop please stop by miomia, take a whiff, and be prepared to be blown away.



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