Bedford’s South Side Goes High Brow

miomia_thomas.jpg“No, its not your imagination: The south side of Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue is looking a lot cuter these days. And while the transformation began a while back when hot-spots Bonita and Dumont Burger moved in, SoBed’s element of awesomeness was recently upped by the auspicious arrival of Mr. Thomas McEntee. The brow guru, makeup maestro, and sometime Odin shopkeeper can now be found exclusively at Katie Chang’s snazzy unisex apothecary, miomia. And after our recent visit, we’d say he’s well-worth the trip on the L-train.

Having worked with legends like Ole Henriksen and made up models in mags such as L’Uomo Vogue and Surface, McEntee knows all the tricks of the trade, and he ain’t scared to use them. But rather than beating the beauty into you like some of his more brutal peers, he coaxes the prettiness out, which, obviously, starts with some bitchin’ brows. Mr. T is a gentle giant of the wax-world and his tender technique means he barely hurts a hair, even if he’s banishing a bunch of them. The result was a bang-up brow job that gave me a much classier shape, as if there was any shape to start with. After sitting in Thomas’ chair, be sure to peruse some of Katie’s good clean treasures. We fell in love with many of her hard-to-find small-batch skincare lines. But our fave buy was McBride Beauty’s travel kit, which is pretty much the perfect summer accessory, other (of course) than perfect brows.”

Thomas is available every Sunday, and Mondays by appointment only. Brow appointments cost $40 for the first visit, and $35 for following visits. Please email to set up your appointment for beautiful brows!



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