Terrible Tuesdays, Parts I and II.

On Tuesdays (my one day off from the shop), I relish playing “bachelor.” Lying horizontal on the couch, watching judge shows all afternoon, and reruns of “Frasier” late into the night. And let’s not forget my passion for “fast food” pizza. There’s a reason why a couple of my dearest friends call me “PJ.”

For the past 2 Tuesdays, however, I’ve been outward-bound and adventuring with a lovely lad named Joseph Keefer. He’s young, brilliant, fashion-forward, and wildly hilarious. I’ve never seen a boy toss his mane like he does; this signature move of his makes women sigh and swoon. Miomia’s brow & makeup artist, Thomas McEntee, made the introduction and it’s been buddyville ever since. Joseph, coincidentally, assists Thomas in managing the hottest men’s boutiques in NYC, Odin. He also writes a blog you should check out:


Joseph and I both happen to have Tuesdays off from work, so we’ve been hanging and seeing where the city (or the burg) takes us. I mentioned that I’d be adding a more personal touch during the relaunch of this blog, so I hope you don’t mind getting a tiny peek into my personal life.

First Tuesday (7/29): Hungover, as usual. Settling into another day of couch-surfing. Keefer texts. In atypical fashion, I’m actually feeling motivated to hustle out of the apartment. And again in atypical fashion, I want to shop. Scoop up a pair of sensible sandals and 2 functional 1/2 price frocks. We continue to roam about Williamsburg, until we end up at Cheeks Bakery for a much-needed afternoon sugar fix: cupcakes and seltzer. Then it’s off to Huckleberry to squeeze in a couple happy hour 2-for-1 drinks. Everything’s hunky-dory until I ask for the check and the male bartender slides in,”Thanks, girls.” That’s right. GIRLS. Maybe you had to be there, but I haven’t laughed that hard for…seriously? A month, perhaps? And I’m always laughing about something, if not everything. Please refer to the pic below on what might have led to the bartender’s careless oversight regarding Keefer’s gender. He does have such pretty silky locks, no? We roll on over to Lazy Catfish. The free PBR from 8-10pm isn’t quite my scene, so Squiggles Murphy comes to my rescue. The two if us enjoy a quiet dinner at Oak Cafe (ribs were off the hook) and nightcap. The end.

Second Tuesday (8/5): Wake up surprisingly alert. Keefer and I decide to walk over the bridge and head to the East Village for some cheap sushi. The day’s hotter than hell, but the cheap sushi more than makes up for the sweaty trek. We stop in Odin, say hello…and stroll over to NoLita for some quiet window-shopping and people-watching. Cab it back to the burg and pick up some coffee gelato and settle in for some much-needed air conditioning and the last episode of “People’s Court.” Keefer runs off to a magazine party and I head out to dinner in the city. The end.

our 2nd terrible tuesday

Doesn’t Keefer bear an uncanny resemblance to a younger version of Dave Grohl? As you can see, these past two Tuesdays have been far from terrible. But naming this new tradition “Terrific Tuesdays!!!” makes me gag.



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