Bewitched. Bothered. And bewildered.

As most of you know, blush is the one cosmetic item I can’t live without. Why? Because simply, blush does all the right things for your face. It instantly makes you look brighter, happier, younger, and more alluring.

And while I have a stack of blushers in the ol’ medicine cabinet, my absolute favorite is Julie Hewett’s “Vampie” Cheekie.

Julie Hewett "Vampie" Cheekie

Julie Hewett "Vampie" Cheekie

This chunky pot of pure genius flushes my cheeks and lips flawlessly. A couple dabs on the cheeks effortlessly gives me the glow that results from all the best things in life: a great round of tennis, too many tequila shots, belly-aching laughs with friends, and an unexpected kiss that leaves me breathless.

So come get your glow on, girl. You’ll be glad you did. To purchase the “Vampie” Cheekie from Julie Hewett, click here.



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