Terrible Tuesday. Part III.

Text Keefer around 11:30. He brings over iced coffee and poses like Rick Owens.

Is he or isn't she? I'm confused.

Is he or isn't she? I'm confused.

It’s a beautiful day (really, truly, deeply), so we walk over the Williamsburg Bridge and mosey on over to Momofuku for some killer wings and slurp-worthy (but super-salty) bowls of ramen. While the food was awesome, the highlight was seeing David Chang. A late lunch on a Tuesday…and David Chang is working his magic in the kitchen, entertaining a group of big wigs. He can clearly cook, but has a big head like me. Guess it’s a Korean thing. Keefer and I had no stinkin’ clue as to who these people were. They were clearly important, so we’ll leave it at that. Oh yeah, Joel Stein was also there with his very pretty wife.

our fingers smell like david chang.

Our fingers smell like david chang.

Head over to the “park” at Union Square for a little people-watching. The scene is lame (we can’t even play a decent round of “fighter”), so we train back to the burg. Grab some cupcakes at Cheeks for a little sugar rush and scoot on over to Huckleberry for a little 2-for-1 action: Campari & Soda. Lots of them. Then it’s off to Bonita for some corn and tacos. And sangria. And then we’re off to Dressler for a little nightcap action. Tequila. The end.



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