Let’s get physical.

As you know, I preach about protecting your skin from the sun. And while the debate continues (chemical vs physical sunblocks), I champion the physical kind. There are two types of physical sunblocks: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and are perfect for daily use. And because these utilize physical blocking agents (as opposed to chemicals), physical sunblocks are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Never understood why sunblocks of yore left your skin feeling slick, greasy and downright gross? Now you know.

Now before you scamper off to your last summer hurrah this holiday weekend, please protect your skin. You’ve got one face and one body, so treat them right.

My favorite sunscreens are from Menscience and Brave Soldier. I love MenScience Androceuticals TiO2 Sunblock for my face, and Brave Soldier Solar Shield for my body (awesome on the face too, for drier skin types). Both provide a super-matte, replenishing and protective finish. These two blocks do it all.

miomia's sunblock picks

miomia's sunblock picks

To purchase MenScience Androceuticals TiO2 Sunblock, click here. To purchase Brave Soldier Solar Shield, click here.



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