Two new hues for fall.

Miomia is thrilled to introduce Julie Hewett’s newest fall shades for lips.

Julie Hewett Scarlett (right) & Julie Hewett Amelie (right)

Julie Hewett Scarlett (left) & Julie Hewett Amelie (right)

Julie Hewett Scarlett is the latest “Icon of Beauty” shade (Annette and Thandie being the first two). Scarlett is an outrageous carmine-rose-fuchsia. The creamy texture is inspired by rose petals, and the head-turning shade is dedicated to the iconic screen actress. For more depth, layer with Julie’s Nude Noir Pencil. To purchase Scarlett, please click here.

Julie Hewett Amelie is a magnificent mauve that is creamy yet sheer. Flatters all skintones. Beautiful alone, even more stunning when layered with the Hue #004 pencil. To purchase Amelie, please click here.



One Response to Two new hues for fall.

  1. Debbie Grossblatt says:

    Awhile back I purchased two golden tubes of Julie Hewett lipstick from MioMia and there began my instant love affair with a certain Film Noir color. While reading my U.S. News and World Report dated October 27, I spied on page 58 an open tube of that wonderful lipstick in a little posting about the “lipstick on pig” comment made by Barack Obama. Wanting to confirm what I saw was my beloved color, I immediately unzipped my cosmetic bag and pulled out the tube to make an eye to page comparison. Yes, my beloved Film Noir is the model for author Amy Golod’s posting. This only confirmed to me that others recognize what a wonderful lipstick color it is in the vast universe of lipstick colors. I have to go now because my tube is almost gone and I need to order another one – and maybe I’ll try one of the new fall 2008 shades so I can have a secret affair with another one of Julie Hewett’s colors

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