New launch :: Ulrich Lang New York Anvers (or how the French say “Antwerp”)

Ulrich Lang Anvers, Ulrich Lang Anvers 2, and Ulrich Lang Anvers Candle

Ulrich Lang Anvers, Ulrich Lang Anvers 2, and Ulrich Lang Anvers Candle

Ulrich Lang New York fragrances are inspired by contemporary photography. Lang, a former L’Oreal executive, melds his passison for contemporary photography with his love for fine fragrance. For Anvers, Lang chose Roger Szmulewicz, a prominent Belgian dealer in 20th-century photography. “Anvers” is the French word for Antwerp, where Szmulewicz’s gallery is based. “Roger exudes an elegant, introspective, and self-assured presence; everything we wanted to capture in the fragrance,” says Lang.

The Ulrich Lang collection currently comprises of three products:

Anvers: Streamlined, minimalist, modern. An outstanding niche fragrance for men that fuses classic elements with unexpected touches. Fresh citrus with basil and mint. Classic florals with sesame and leather. Woods and amber with a hint of guava. Subtle, innovative and warm. A quiet fragrance that speaks volumes. For the intriguingly introspective man. To purchase Anvers, please click here.

Anvers 2: The next fragrance in the Anvers series combines masculine notes with florals, a concept of opposition that successfully works for its predecessor, Anvers. Anvers 2 blends Blond Woods and Musk with delicate notes of Mimosa Rhubarb and Jasmin, creating its subtle, unique scent. Sensual and warm, Anvers 2 captures the humble, self-assured man perfectly. To purchase Anvers 2, please click here.

Anvers Scented Candle: Streamlined, minimalist, modern. This silver-tinted reflective glass candle faithfully reproduces the signature Anvers scent. Warm, yet maintains a crisp freshness. Elegant packaging. To purchase the Anvers Candle, please click here.



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