2008 Esquire Grooming Awards Winner for Best Shave Cream : Dickson Hairshop

You’ve heard the buzz about this hot cover with Halle Berry, but have you seen what’s between the pages? Why, it’s Esquire’s annual Grooming Awards!

Rodney Cutler, Esquire’s grooming editor, tries several hundred products each year and selects the very best for the annual Grooming Awards. Miomia is thrilled that its submission for best shaving cream has won for the third consecutive year in a row!

Here’s what Cutler says about Dickson Hairshop Now Have a Shave: “A good shaving cream like Dickson’s not only lubricates your face for protection, it also begins the moisturizing process. And it’s thin enough that it won’t clog your razor.”

To get your hands on this hot product and this year’s deserving winner, click here.

To check out the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane, the 2007 best shave cream winner, click here. And to see Brave Soldier Brave Shave, the 2006 best shave cream winner, click here.

To your best shave ever,


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