Flatte and proud of it.

January 9, 2009
Karen O wearing Knock Out Flatte Black Nail Polish

Karen O wearing Knock Out Flatte Black Nail Polish

KO (Knock Out) is the creation of makeup artist Mike Potter – best known for creating the hair and makeup for the groundbreaking stage and film versions of Hedwig & the Angry Inch. His vision is to create a strikingly unique line of color cosmetics, beginning with this beguiling duo of black and white nail colors.

Flatte Black Nail Polish by Knock Out Cosmetics

Flatte Powder & Black Nail Polishes by Knock Out Cosmetics

While black and white aren’t new to the world of nails, the finish is what sets this duo apart from the rest. KO’s signature finish is called “flatte.” The black starts flat, and wears into satin. The ivory shade called Powder starts flat and stays that way.

I slicked on the black today and must admit…I’m quite charmed. The flat matte finish is such a refreshing departure from the high-gloss and super-shiny look I’ve grown up with; it’s soft, subtle, quiet, and doesn’t scream for attention. It’s your ideal wing man, so to speak; easy on the eyes, supportive, and much too cool to steal your spotlight.

These beauties retail for $22 each, and have a quietly growing fan base ranging from Karen O to Taylor Momsen (who both happened to be at the Knock Out launch party).

To purchase Flatte Black, click here. To purchase Flatte Powder, click here.