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Bluebeards Original : Beard Wash and Beard Saver

Bluebeards Original : Beard Wash and Beard Saver

Finally, yes finally! Products made exclusively for you boys with facial hair. There’s thousands of grooming products to help you achieve a close shave and smooth skin, but what if you choose to grow those whiskers out? What if you like a full beard?

Bluebeards Original is the brilliant (and necessary) brainchild of Paul Kaniewski and Moira Koch. After frustrating and fruitless attempts at finding a product to help maintain a soft and itch-free beard,  Paul and Moira went out on their own and created Bluebeard Originals. The concept is simple and two-fold: wash your beard, and protect it. That’s it!

Here’s to grooming for all men!


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