Nightscape by Ulrich Lang New York


Nightscape by Ulrich Lang New York

My dear friend Uli recently dropped off a bottle of his newest potion, Nightscape. The packaging is clean, sophisticated, and quintessentially New York. The outside sleeve presents a twinkling, evening nightscape of our city, photographed by American photographer Matt Licari.

But onto the scent…the scent. Nightscape is warm, rich, and woody. When I asked Uli how he would describe this alluring scent, he smiled and simply replied,”A modern patchouli.” I couldn’t believe it…patchouli? Really? Nightscape took me leaps and bounds beyond the headache-inducing “patches” of my collegiate past, by intertwining notes of bergamot, jasmine, geranium, cedarwood, leather, musk, amber, and tonka bean.

So here you have it: a new patchouli for all. Purchase your own bottle of Nightscape here.



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