Histoires de Parfums Tubéreuse (Tuberose) Trilogy

December 28, 2009


Histoires de Parfums Tubéreuse Fragrances at miomia


This newly launched trilogy of tuberose-based scents from Histoires de Parfums offers three interpretations of this unique and mysterious plant that blooms once per year at night. The Tuberose Trilogy evokes moods and emotions from ultra femme to vixen, giving you the option to choose the tuberose tome that best represents you.

First discovered in Mexico thousands of years ago, the tuberose is a flower of many faces, and its powerful fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac. It presents a noble challenge for any perfumer to bottle, yet has inspired many legendary fragrances through the ages. The latest addition to the Histoires de Parfums scent library, which includes 12 existing fragrances, the Tuberose Trilogy captures the sweet and heady perfume of the tuberose and combines it with different middle and base notes to create three distinct tuberose fragrances.

Channeling your ultra femme side? Try TUBEREUSE 1-CAPRICIEUSE (capricious), a powdery floral that combines the freshness of bergamot and the warmth of saffron with essences of iris and ylang-ylang. The base notes of opulent suede and cocoa leave a mysterious and addictive trail. To learn more about Tubéreuse 1 La Capricieuse, click here.

Ready to unleash the vixen within?  You need TUBEREUSE 2-VIRGINALE (virginal), a floral oriental that combines sparkling mandarin orange and sweet cherry with smooth frangipani, Tahitian tiara flowers and sensual jasmine. A blend of patchouli leaf, blond wood and vanilla form the base notes of this deep and sensual scent. To learn more about Tubéreuse 2 La Virginale, click here.

Want to play with the big boys? TUBEREUSE 3-ANIMALE (animal) oozes power and inner strength with a floral and tobacco leather scent that opens with a bath of fresh kumquat and neroli and leads into a strong combination of plum, herbs and dry grasses. Blond tobacco and Immortelle flower leave intense base notes that linger. To learn more about Tubéreuse 3 L’Animale (which is also unisex), click here.



New launch : Tokyo Milk “Parfumarie Curiosite” and Soaps

December 20, 2009

Tokyo Milk's "Parfumarie Curiosite” at miomia

Tokyo Milk is a charming, affordable and gorgeous line of fragrances and home goods from Denver-based illustrator and beauty entrepreneur, Margot Elena Wells.

“Parfumarie Curiosite,” Tokyo Milk’s line of  parfums, will charm you with the intricately-designed labels, delicately-blended scents, and collectible bottles. Miomia offers the following Tokyo Milk scents:

Poe’s Tobacco #1: Poe’s Tobacco is a unisex scenting blending tabac, tea leaves, amberwood, and autumn apple.

Eden #3: Eden is a unisex scent, blending cassis, white musk, fresh greens, and bronzed musk.

Dead Sexy #6: Dead Sexy is a unisex scent, blending ebony, exotic wood, deep vanilla, and white orchid.

Contemplation #7: Contemplation is a unisex fragrance, a blend of herbs, exotic teak, crisp citrus, and cedarwood.

Lapsang Su Chong #8: Lapsang Su Chong is a women’s fragrance blending asuka rose, winter rose, sandalwood, and black currant.

Waltz #14: Waltz is a women’s scent, blending linden, honeyed rose, wisteria petals, and white musk.

Ex Libris #16: Ex Libris is a unisex scent, blending fig leaf, magnolia, cardamom, and bronzed musk.

Paper & Cotton #17: Paper & Cotton is a unisex scent blending coriander, birchwood, white sage, and tundra moss.

Sparrow #18: Sparrow is a women’s scent blending gardenia, rosewood, crisp greens, neroli and citrus.

Miomia also carries a selection of Tokyo Milk’s luxurious bar soaps. Each bar soap is triple-milled, elegantly-scented, and presented in hand-glittered paper illustrated by Wells. Perfect for yourself or for gift-giving.


New launch: Odin Eau de Toilettes

December 12, 2009

Odin Eau de Toilettes: 01 Nomad, 02 Owari, 03 Century

Odin Eau de Toilettes. An experience in scent, form and surface. Odin New York introduces its series with three modern interpretations of time-honored fragrance traditions. Identical amber-colored liquids, architectual lines and contrasting finishes are designed to provide a clean slate for each unique creation. Odin Eau de Toilettes sell for $110, and are 3.4 oz.

01 Nomad: Under the spice trade routes comes an exotic wealth of rare scents.Nomad attracts rich notes of juniper berries and cedar leaves from the high regions of the Himalayan Mountains with mysterious Palmarosa and spicy black pepper. Lingering in the air is the warmth of tonka beans blended with the sultry seduction of sandalwoods from the West Indian shores.

Top: Juniper Berries, Himalayan Cedar Leaves, Rich Bergamot
Middle: Mysterious Palmarosa, Spicy Black Pepper, Creamy Heliotrope
Bottom: Tonka Bean, West Indian Sandalwood, Grey Musk

02 Owari: From the far ends of the earth comes a fragrance transparent in nature. Owari opens up with rare mandarins from the Japanese province of Owari and freshly crushed grapefruit leaves. The heart consists of the intensely vibrant Cubeb pepper and Tonkin musk from the Chinese mountains.

Top: Owari Mandarin, Bright Green Bergamot, Grapefruit Leaves
Middle: Cubeb Pepper, Amyris Wood, Crisp Neroli
Bottom: Fresh Cut Cedarwood, Golden Amber, Tonkin Musk

03 Century: Inspired by ancient Cypress comes a modern interpretation of the chypre family. Complex in structure but simple in character. Century captivates the senses with silver birch, Cypress and forest mint. Liquid myrrh combines with vetiver, patchouli and moss. Leaving a warm mysterious alchemy of black musk and true amber.

Top: Silver Birch, Earthy Cypress, Forest Mint
Middle: Smoky Vetiver, Liquid Myrrh, Subtle Patchouli
Bottom: Black Musk, Dry Oak Moss, True Amber


New color from Knock Out : Plaster

December 6, 2009

Flatte Plaster Nail Polish from Knock Out Cosmetics

Check out the latest shade from Knock Out Cosmetics. Plaster is a flat flesh tone that nearly disappears against the fingertips upon application, leaving a nude, clean finish. Think band-aid! Pick up a bottle here.


Histoires de Parfums Nomad Kit

December 4, 2009

Nomad Kit by Histoires de Parfums at miomia

What a lovely item from Histoires de Parfums, and just in time for the holidays! With the eagerly awaited Nomad Kit, you can select any combination of any three (3) of miomia’s best Histoires sellers: 1804 George Sand, Noir Patchouli, 1725 Casanova, 1828 Jules Verne, 1969, and Ambre 114. Each Eau de Parfum spray is perfectly sized at .46 oz. The Nomad Kit is gorgeously packaged in a black neoprene “book,” making it perfect for gift-giving and travel. Purchase your very own Nomad Kit here.