New launch : Tokyo Milk “Parfumarie Curiosite” and Soaps

Tokyo Milk's "Parfumarie Curiosite” at miomia

Tokyo Milk is a charming, affordable and gorgeous line of fragrances and home goods from Denver-based illustrator and beauty entrepreneur, Margot Elena Wells.

“Parfumarie Curiosite,” Tokyo Milk’s line of  parfums, will charm you with the intricately-designed labels, delicately-blended scents, and collectible bottles. Miomia offers the following Tokyo Milk scents:

Poe’s Tobacco #1: Poe’s Tobacco is a unisex scenting blending tabac, tea leaves, amberwood, and autumn apple.

Eden #3: Eden is a unisex scent, blending cassis, white musk, fresh greens, and bronzed musk.

Dead Sexy #6: Dead Sexy is a unisex scent, blending ebony, exotic wood, deep vanilla, and white orchid.

Contemplation #7: Contemplation is a unisex fragrance, a blend of herbs, exotic teak, crisp citrus, and cedarwood.

Lapsang Su Chong #8: Lapsang Su Chong is a women’s fragrance blending asuka rose, winter rose, sandalwood, and black currant.

Waltz #14: Waltz is a women’s scent, blending linden, honeyed rose, wisteria petals, and white musk.

Ex Libris #16: Ex Libris is a unisex scent, blending fig leaf, magnolia, cardamom, and bronzed musk.

Paper & Cotton #17: Paper & Cotton is a unisex scent blending coriander, birchwood, white sage, and tundra moss.

Sparrow #18: Sparrow is a women’s scent blending gardenia, rosewood, crisp greens, neroli and citrus.

Miomia also carries a selection of Tokyo Milk’s luxurious bar soaps. Each bar soap is triple-milled, elegantly-scented, and presented in hand-glittered paper illustrated by Wells. Perfect for yourself or for gift-giving.



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